Volkswagen of America – The new is the first inventory-led automaker website that matches shoppers to real cars nearby.​

When Deutsch LA and Volkswagen set out to redesign for the U.S., we knew this had to be more than a redesign. We wanted to reinvent the way people shopped for cars online.

Our big idea is "It's like a dating site. Except it's for cars."

After all, online dating is about finding someone you want to love in your area. Which is like shopping for cars, where you want to love the car, then find the car, because car shopping in the U.S. is all about local inventory.

Today's automaker websites typically accomplish these steps with two separate tools that don't talk to each other: a Builder and an Inventory search tool.

We took on the challenge of making it one seamless, powerful tool that would get shoppers to real cars in their area, faster.

And that's what Find a Match is.

It's a filter tool that lets you shop non-linearly.

So let's say you're looking for a red car, with a sunroof. You may not know the VW model lineup, but these are the two most important things to you.

With Find a Match, it's easy. We abstracted car features so that you can find cars the way that people shop in dealerships, instead of forcing them to understand our model and trim structure.

Even with just these two selections, you can look at inventory. These are cars at dealerships in your area that have a sunroof and come in red. Each of these tiles shows the car as configured, so the color, wheels, even the interior are correct. No second-guessing.

When you select on one of these results, you get a profile page; just like on a dating site.

Except it's better because all the information on this page is true, from the imagery, to the specs, to which dealership the car is located.

Tools that are normally hidden in separate sections of the site are now where they make the most sense, like a Payment Estimator. You can also save individual cars to your Favorites.

And all of this functionality is wrapped in a streamlined design and structure that contains everything you would expect from a car site, in a way that makes sense to car shoppers.