Lives in Slack. Orders tacos. Talks like a real person.

Built with an artificial intelligence engine, it understands natural language, so it can handle group orders expertly while also answering any quirky, non-food related questions.

TacoBot was built for Slack, the top co-working platform on the planet, bringing e-commerce to the hottest new social app and changing the way people order food forever.

" you can discuss this month's sales figures and order a Quesalupa combo at the same time."

"...Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon are fast at work on bringing bots to the forefront… TacoBot is getting in on the ground floor."

"The future of work is... ordering Taco Bell through Slack?"

"It's certainly the future of food ordering for businesses."

"It's the sort of thing that's ideally suited to placing large orders... for a group.... Is this the future of fast food?"

"The goal isn't necessarily to make ordering as fast as possible, it's to bring a human touch back to the online ordering experience. TacoBot can actually converse with you..."

"Taco Bell is looking to develop... not just as a service provider, but as a smart, tech-savvy one too."

"It makes ordering an office lunch a less daunting task and more of a fun, midday conversation piece"